2011 Faculty

Your esteemed faculty for the 2011 NS Mycological Society Foray:

Dr. Greg Thorn

Dr. Thorn is Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Western Ontario. He grew up in London,Ontario and became interested in natural history through long summer vacations from coast to coast in Canada,and field outings with the McIlwraith Field Naturalists. Six summers as a naturalist in Algonquin Park built on this and introduced him to the world of mushrooms and other fungi. His graduate studies in fungi were at the University of Guelph (with George Barron – see http://www.uoguelph.ca/~gbarron/) and the University of Toronto (with David Malloch – see http://website.nbm-mnb.ca/mycologywebpages/mycologywebpages.html),followed by positions in Japan,Michigan,Indiana,Wyoming,and finally back to London as a faculty member in the Department of Biology,University of Western Ontario. His research is focused on the systematics of mushroom fungi and the impacts of disturbance on their diversity.

Renee LeBeuf

Renée’s interest for mushrooms started in 1999,when she joined the Cercle des mycologues de Montréal (CMM). Curious and passionate,she rapidly became an identifier for the CMM and started a few years later to give lectures. She has been invited many times as an identifier and lecturer for forays in Canada and the United States. She is a general mycologist,but has a special interest in Mycenas,Waxy Caps,Ascomycetes and Slime molds. She is an active member and identifier of the Web site MycoQuebec.org. She also developed a keen interest in mushroom photography.

Nelson Porier

Nelson is a veterinarian by trade but naturalist by nature who has over the years taken a bit “of an over the edge”interest in wild mushrooms to be able to know many of our native mushrooms on a first name basis,to appreciate them for their beauty,cuisine where appropriate,and understand their importance as members of the whole wildlife community. Nelson is not a trained mycologist but a keen amateur who has given many mushroom sessions in his home province of New Brunswick!

Dr. Gavin Kernaghan

Gavin is Associate Professor at Mount Saint Vincent Univeristy. He leads the Atlantic Root Symbiosis Lab,where research focuses on the ecology of fungi in northern forests. In particular the ecological relationships between plant communities and their root associated endophytic and mycorrhizal fungi. The lab combines mycorrhizal re-synthesis with a variety of DNA based identification techniques. Gavin is a director of the NS Mycological society and leads the mushroom identification and voucher specimen program for the Nova Scotia forays.

Dr. Scott Cunningham

Scott is a biologist with a doctorate in molecular biology,and sea kayaker who has explored the Atlantic coast by canoe and sea kayak for over two decades. In 1982 he established Coastal Adventures,and outdoor adventure and kayaking company. He has written of his experiences extensively in articles for outdoor magazines and has published Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia,a detailed route guide (revised in 2000). He has photographed our coastline extensively and his work has appeared in several magazines and books depicting the region. Scott is an avid naturalist and co-founder of the Halifax Field Naturalists. His specialty is the mushroom flora of the region.

Catherine Pross

Accomplished amateur mycologist Catherine Pross is a charter member of the Maritime Mycological Society . She became interested in fungi while participating in baseline studies for Gaff Point and Indian Path Common in Lunenburg County. She has provided photography for numerous publications,and has been the official photographer for the Nova Scotia Mycological Society forays,documenting the entire voucher specimen collection since the beginning four years ago.