What to Bring to the Mushroom Foray [Program]   
1. CHANGE OF CLOTHES (we are there for 2 nights)
2. SOMETHING WARM TO WEAR (bbbrrrrrrrrrr.....)  
3. RUBBER BOOTS & RAIN GEAR (in case it rains, although forecast for this weekend is sunny and warm!)
4. BASKET OR CONTAINER (for picking/collecting mushrooms on Saturday & Sunday
**** Some apple baskets will be provided but a nice big basket with a handle is much easier to carry

FOOD (Feel free to bring any specialty food items that you would like to use for the Friday night mushroom cook off!!! – except, all wild mushrooms MUST be checked by Gavin before they can be used!)
****Meals will be provided for you

6. WHISTLE (optional, handy if you or others stray)
7. KNIFE (optional, for prying up mushrooms)