2016 Foray Accommodations [Program]
This year's foray will take place at Camp Geddie, which is situated right on the warm waters of the Northumberland Strait. The site has both room inside the main hall, and cabins. There are a number of options for your accommodations:
Accomodations at Camp Geddie:
Option 1: Main Hall: $30 for two nights: These beds are "proper" beds and come with a mattress. Please note there are no sheets or blankets provided so bring along a sleeping bag and a pillow. Power is also supplied to these bedrooms and there are also male and female bathrooms with showers etc. There are 28 beds available above the main hall and there are several configurations. The bedrooms are various sizes and therefore come with a varying number of beds. These will be available to the first 28 people who want them and pay their registration fee.
Option 2: Cabins: $10 for two nights: Within the grounds there are also cabins available as sleeping accommodation. There is a mattress provided but no sheets or blankets so bring along a sleeping bag and a pillow. There is no power supplied to these cabins but there is a building adjacent to the cabins available for showering etc.
Option 3: Tenting: $10 for two nights: Within the grounds tenting is also available.
Alternate Accommodations:
Cranberry Campground (approximately 3 km from Camp Geddie)
135 Weir Road, Merigomish
Island Tree Farm B&B (approximately 8 km from Camp Geddie)
Big Island, Merigomish
Tara Inn (approximately 32 km from Camp Geddie)
917 East River Road
Travelodge Suites (approximately 33 km from Camp Geddie)
700 Westville Road, New Glasgow
Comfort Inn (approximately 33 km from Camp Geddie)
740 Westville Road, New Glasgow
Holiday Inn Express (approximately 33 km from Camp Geddie)
86 Lawrence Blvd, Stellarton
The Lionstone Inn (approximately 48 km from Camp Geddie)
241 West River Road, Pictou
Auberge Walker Inn (approximately 50 km from Camp Geddie)
78 Coleraine St, Pictou
Willow House Inn (approximately 50 km from Camp Geddie)
11 Willow St, Pictou
Waterview Rooms & Restaurant (approximately 58 km from Camp Geddie)
1338 Shore Road, Pictou