2016 Faculty [Program]   
The 2016 NS Mycological Society Foray currently has the following esteemed faculty attending:
Dr. David Malloch, Keynote Speaker MallochDavid
  Born in Santa Cruz, California to Canadian and American parents. Went to San Francisco State University and earned a B.A. and M.A., studying fungi under the bolete expert Harry Thiers.

In 1965 went to the University of Toronto to do a Ph.D. with Dr. Roy Cain, an international authority on fungi. Ph.D. thesis was a taxonomic study of cleistothecial ascomycetes, a group of minute fungi found in a variety of habitats.

In 1970, fresh with new degree and lots of enthusiasm, took up a position as Research Scientist at Agriculture Canada in Ottawa. The position was to replace Dr. J. Walton Groves who had just recently passed away, and required specializing in mushrooms (steep learning curve involved).

In 1975 returned to Toronto to take up a position as Assistant Professor of Botany at the University of Toronto, replacing the recently retired Roy Cain. Remained at U. of T. for 30 years, studying mycorrhizae, mushrooms, dung fungi, ant fungi, Penicillium, and lots of other things.

Taught a 2-week marine biology course in St. Andrews, New Brunswick for 20 years. Retired in 2002 and moved to Little Lepreau, New Brunswick, realizing a dream to be able to collect fungi within a few feet of the front door. Became a Research Associate at the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John. Actively participates in the New Brunswick Museum's annual two-week bioblitz, collecting mushrooms and writing lengthy field notes.

Dr. Allison Walker, Keynote Speaker
  Dr. Allison Walker is a mycologist at Acadia University with expertise in marine fungi and fungal endophytes of plants. She received her Hons BSc in Botany from the University of Toronto where she was first introduced to mycology through the courses of Dr. David Malloch.

She then worked for a year as a Visiting Scientist with the ARS-USDA Systematic Botany and Mycology Lab in Beltsville, Maryland where she learned molecular systematics under Dr. Cathie Aime. She completed her MS and PhD in Coastal Sciences (Marine Mycology) at the University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Coast Research Lab and did postdoctoral work with Dr. Keith Seifert at Agriculture Canada in Ottawa before joining the Acadia Biology Department as Assistant Professor in 2014

Dr. David Boyle
  David has been interested in mushrooms for a long time. He started and ran Maritime MicroBiologicals Inc. (MMBI), this company doing R&D, primarily for industry. ¬†Fungi that increased plant growth (e.g. mycorrhizal fungi), degraded pollutants (bioremediation) or controlled insect pests (biological control) figured in varoius projects. MMBI also sold spawn for various edible mushrooms to commercial growers. David continues to make spawn and give workshops on growing mushrooms during his retirement.
Dr. Gavin Kernaghan
  Gavin is Associate Professor at Mount Saint Vincent Univeristy. He leads the Atlantic Root Symbiosis Lab,where research focuses on the ecology of fungi in northern forests. In particular the ecological relationships between plant communities and their root associated endophytic and mycorrhizal fungi. The lab combines mycorrhizal re-synthesis with a variety of DNA based identification techniques. Gavin is a director of the NS Mycological society and leads the mushroom identification and voucher specimen program for the Nova Scotia forays.