Local Attractions
There are a number of surrounding attractions that you may wish to visit while you attend the foray. The three places include: a cairn that was erected to commemorate the Battle of Culloden, an organic cheese making facility, and a distillery devoted to making gin and vodka, something for everyone! I have visited all three place and the cairn is interesting, the cheese delicious and the gin is pretty good too!
- John Crabtree
Attraction: Distance*
Battle of Culloden - Cairn from Camp Geddie - 8 km
Knoydart Farm:
Organic Cheese Making Facility
from Camp Geddie -9.2 km
from Culloden - 1.2 km
Steinhart Distillery from Knoydart Farm - 5.3 km
Arisaig Provincial Park from Camp Geddie - 15.8km
from the Distillery - 1.3 km
*“Distance from Camp Geddie” assumes that you leave from the intersection of  the Camp Geddie access road and  the “Shore Road”, otherwise known as  Highway 245 and head in an easterly direction.